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Squid Pomelo salad

This is a salad is for the seafood lovers, the summer lovers, and the health lovers too!  This is a classic Thai salad which is so refreshing and something I am very proud of.   



Serves 4-6


3 whole squids, can be prepared by fish monger

1 large pomelo

3 fennel whole tops

1 bunch fresh mint

3 banana shallots, sliced

1 tbsp sunflower oil

Pinch of salt




1-2 whole limes

1-2 fresh chillis

2-3 garlic cloves

1 tbsp coconut sugar, or castor sugar

3-4 tbsp fish sauce


To serve


Fried shallots

1 fresh chilli, sliced diagonally



1. Peel pomelo, segment, and deseed.  Then place in fridge to set aside.


2. Clean squid, score squid pieces in a lattice pattern, and keep tentacles.  Heat sauce pan, add sunflower oil, add squid, pinch of salt, and sauté squid until cooked.  Do not overcook as the result will be a rubbery texture.  Then place in mixing bowl and set aside.


3. Slice all shallots, set aside, but keep one third for frying.  Heat the saucepan on high heat with 2 tbsp of oil then add sliced shallots.  When it starts to go brown, drain on the kitchen paper.  Be quick as this happens fast.  Set aside.


4. Have mortar and pestle or food processor ready, and place garlic and chillies.  Pound or process to a course texture, add coconut sugar, fish sauce, and lime juice.  It should be sweet, salty, and savoury so keep tasting.  Set aside.


5. In the squid mixing bowl, add pomelo, fresh shallots, fresh mints, picked fennel tops, and dressing.  Mix together until all evenly coated.


6. Place salad in serving dish, and serve with fried shallots and fresh chillis.

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