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I have always been a daydreamer.  At a young age I used to be self-conscious of this trait as I would completely disconnect with what was happening around me until someone snapped me back to reality.  I've always been a creative person which lead me to study and work in fashion in London for 10 years in both the commercial and luxury houses.

Fashion engulfed my life, becoming both my business and social life.  After all that time I realized that my passion was no longer in this industry, although it helped to create a foundation of Provocative bite’s evolution.  Food has always been an underlying passion, and with the support of my amazing family and friends, I went to study in a catering college - Leith’s School of Food and Wine.  I received my diploma and had work experience along the way in professional kitchens and catering companies.  


My daydreams slowly started to return, and matured with me along the years.  The creative side that I had forgotten about is back, now unashamed but confident in its transformation that I call Provocative bite.  This was brought to life with the support of my family, friends, and the community of Instagram.  


From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.



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